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What B2SMB marketers should be doing RIGHT NOW

As a Business to Small Business (B2SMB) brand marketer and revenue generator, your time is likely limited, and you must make the most of every action you take. It can be hard to prioritize what needs to get done considering all that's on your plate, especially as small business prospects are cutting back on spending. We want to share with you some simple things that SMB brands should be doing now to ensure their success.

1. Focus on the Basics: Basic marketing strategies are low-cost and effective.

2. Lean into current customers: Remember, selling to an existing customer is much more cost-effective than acquiring a new customer. Now is the time to focus on retention. What can you do to WOW your customers? Think about loyalty programs and special offers; don't forget to provide excellent customer service.

3. Listen: Stop selling and listen for a bit. That sounds counterintuitive, but now is a great time to analyze your target market and ensure your marketing messages are effectively targeted. Ensure your offerings are tailored to your customers' and prospects' needs NOW.

4. Engage: Utilize all the basics- PR, email, and social media- with a solid content marketing strategy to put your brand out there. Mix it up using various channels and continue building opportunities to engage and grow. This will keep you top of mind and relevant.

5. Differentiate yourself. Now is not the time to be shy. Put yourself out there to showcase your uniqueness and highlight the value you continue to offer your SMB customers.

6. Partner: There is no better time to partner with like-minded brands, solution providers, organizations, and associations. The value of having others refer you to potential customers will have longtail effects. A referral is a driving force in a small business owner's decision-making. Effective low-cost partner marketing strategies can be a huge bonus for your brand.

We believe these strategies will lead your business growth and help you meet your goals. And, most importantly, continue to help small businesses grow.

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