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Local Marketing Does Make a Difference.

Yep, it really does. Blog post by Wendi Caplan-Carroll, Co-Founder Square Biz

A zillion articles are out there talking about the many reasons brands should adopt a local marketing strategy. I struggled to come up with something new and groundbreaking, An innovative idea or strategy that would shake up the marketing world! But honestly, I genuinely believe that there are some “back to basics” that brands must get back to as they move forward in an uncertain time. Getting local is an important strategy to do so. I will share some fundamental reasons to serve as an important reminder. Local allows you to Meet your customers/clients where they are. Everyone’s local looks different. As a brand selling a particular product or service, you must understand that from cultural demographics to geographic size to housing styles; there is a myriad of ways that every local customer or prospect you are dealing with is experiencing a different day to day Having a local strategy allows a brand to flex and customize their messaging and tactics to be able to authentically engage to a well defined local geography. Put it this way, would you include images of the NYC subway while trying to drive a marketing promo in Austin, Texas? May not connect entirely with your prospect audience. Local allows for deeper conversation and authenticity. When you are locally targeted with a deep understanding of the locale, your marketing and sales conversations will truly be more relatable and authentic. That authenticity will drive deeper engagement, and that will lead to, of course, deeper trust. What is a reason we make a buying decision? One significant trigger is our trust in a product or service. Local allows us to learn and grow better products and services. This one is often overlooked, but your local connection will enable you to learn so much about how your customers use your product and service. You’ll get great feedback and ideas on how to provide a better experience. Years ago, when I worked for a large SaaS company, our whole field team would report back local ideas that customers had. Many of those ideas helped us launch product enhancements that kept keep our brand top of mind ahead of the competition and entrenched with our customers. Local marketing tactics for brands include. There are so many ways to go local. At Square Biz, our local marketing toolbox includes various tactics, including our customized local organization partner program, local endorsement radio, customized promotions/event marketing, email marketing, and direct mail. If you are interested in learning more about how your brand can get more local, coffee’s on us. Please email to connect.

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