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Empower - Growth - Collaboration

Are you a small business brand or organization that values collaboration and wants to seize new opportunities? Introducing our partner program designed to bridge the divide between big and small.

With the B2SMB Partner Place, we connect small business brands with local influencers and organizations that provide education, influence, and referrals.

Become part of the B2SMB Partner Place

If you are a brand that caters to small business, being part of the Partner Place will give you access to hundreds of small business orgs and their members. Learn more here.

For Small Business Organizations, discover how our tailored programs can help your membership thrive. From education initiatives to exclusive member discounts and referral programs, we provide the ideal opportunities for your membership.

Explore the possibilities here.

About The Square Biz Group

Square Biz Group is a marketing consulting and media strategy firm. We specialize in engaging and activating businesses in the B2SMB (Business-to-Small and Medium Business) sector. Our unique campaigns are designed to build brand credibility, often incorporating hyper-local partnerships through our B2SMB Partner Place. We offer program management services along with higher-level strategy. We recognize the importance of referrals and education in the SMB buying journey.

  • Strategy & Organization

  • Hyper-local partnership development and activation

  • Content development

  • Referral programs

  • Webinar delivery

  • Event creation ​

  • Media amplification

  • B2SMB Business Consultation

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